terça-feira, 25 de junho de 2013

Steve Hanks

Steve Hawks é reconhecido como um dos melhores artistas da aquarela da atualidade.

sense of belonging

A world for our children

After the bath


Blending Into Shadows and Sheets

casting her shadow

Castles in the sand

coast time

confering with the sea

country comfort

On the warm side of winter

Santa Fe sun

Sunday afternoon

to search within

view from the balcony

water lilies in bloom

room to think


Its is time now

In her thoughts

Comforting the heart

where the healinf begins

Finding yourself in the world

moving on

New shoreline

thinking it over

One step at a time

A new begining

Savoring the sun

waiting in the rain

Listening to the river

Natures touch

Beyond the path

timeless beauty

to dace before the sea and sky

a mothers pride

a quiet place

An innocent view

Count your blessings

delicate touch

Gentle tide

time with dad

there are places to go

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