quinta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2014

Arthur Hughes

a music party

visit to grandmother

asleeps in the woods

Helen Donna Conway


home from sea

old neighbour gone before

overthrowing of the rusty knight

silver and gold

that was a piedmontese

the pained heart

the property room


banqueting hall at Penkill, Ayrshire

the sllugard, marketwomen

home from work

in the grass

Mrs Norman Hiil and her children

the children of  Birkbeck Hill


a rocky coast, Merope Rock

Burghfield orchard, near Reading

a cottage with a pond at Burghfield

above a cove, north Cornwall

saying grace, the skipper and his crew

springtime, Cornwall

the Eve of St Agnes

the first Easter

the king's orchard

the potter's courtship

Mrs Leathart and her three children

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