sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

Thomas Faed

Highland Mary

Cottage interior with two children

A highland gypsy

The waefu' heart

Bums and highland Mary

Interior with figures

Three children playing in a wood

God's acre

The doctor's visit

Old woman reading

A highland Tryst

The old road round Knock Veoch

Pot luck

Cottage interior

The reaper

Taking rest

The orphans

A game of draughts

Faults on both sides

Highland Lassie

Home and the homeless

Oh, why I left my hame

Sophia and Olivia

Sunday on the backwoods

In time of war

The first step

The last on the Cian

The ray of sunlight

The silken gown

The soldier's return

Violet and primroses

The Visit of the Patron and Patroness to the Village School

When the day is done

Where's my good little girl?

Worn out

The orange seller

And with the burden of many years

The poor, the poor man's friend

Ere care begins

The young harvester

The mitherless baim

Woman at a cottage door

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